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George Kiskaddon in “All The Oceans”

August 26, 2020
George Kiskaddon with a copy of Ron Holland's All The Oceans at his Builders Booksource shop in Berkley CA

George Kiskaddon Berkeley, California book store owner displays Ron Holland’s book All The Oceans at his shop Builder’s Booksource. Ron Holland and George Kiskaddon sailed “Spirit” the Kiskaddon family’s yacht across the Pacific with a stop in the Fiji Islands to acquire an essential piece of equipment. Read more in Ron Holland’s memoir All The Oceans

Otago Yacht Club Thank You

March 18, 2020
Ron Holland at Otago Yacht Club, Dunedin New Zealand

Ron Holland was at the Otago Yacht Club in Dunedin to make a presentation. We…

All the Oceans, Ron Holland's memoir displayed next to his author friends books at Sydney Australia Bookshop

With my Mates in Sydney

February 24, 2020

“All The Oceans”, as seen at Sturrock’s of Sydney, keeping good company with authors Rob…

Ron Holland signs copy of his memoir All The Oceans for Julia Hornsby at Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club

“All The Oceans” Presented by Ron Holland at Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club

February 15, 2020

Following a successful Members Lunch at Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club in Newport, Sydney. A…