University of Auckland Masters of Yacht Engineering class 2015, Auckland Harbour

Ron Holland was invited to participate in the development of the Master of Engineering Studies in Yacht Engineering from the University of Auckland, Faculty of Engineering. Ron had the honour of instructing students in many diverse areas of yacht design and engineering including:

  • The Influence of Early Voyages of Discovery
  • The Evolution of Sail Boats
  • Yacht Aesthetics

It has been such a thrill for me to be a part of the Yacht Engineering program at Auckland University. Sharing my experience with a new generation of students continues to be very rewarding.

Ron looks forward to more educational opportunities in the future.

This was an exciting opportunity for Ron, particularly since Ron never completed university himself. But with his over forty years of experience sailing and designing yachts, Ron’s knowledge and skills were invaluable to the program.

In fact, Ron’s most interesting topics of instruction are one-of-a-kind, non-traditional topics where his applied knowledge can prepare students for the careers that they choose upon completion of the program.  These include:
– How to Run a Design Studio
– Client Conversations
– Essential Business and Promotion Skills

University of Auckland MYE

University Auckland Master Yacht Engineering Brochure
University of Auckland MYE Brochure

MYE Class

University of Auckland Master Yacht Engineering students, Professor Richard Flay, and Ron Holland
MYE Class visits Alloy Yachts Shipyard with Professor Flay and Ron Holland

MYE Class

Auckland University MYE students, Professor Flay, and Ron Holland
MYE Class visits SuperYacht with Professor Richard Flay and Ron Holland

UBC Sailbot Team

UBC Sailbot Team 2015 - 2016 academic term
UBC Sailbot Team sailing trials Vancouver


UBC NAME class and Professor McKesson visit Ron Holland Design studio
UBC NAME Class and Professor McKesson at Ron Holland Design Studio

UBC SailBot

UBC Sailbot 'Ada' sailing trails Vancouver, British Columbia
University of British Columbia Sailbot 'Ada' sailing trials Vancouver