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Mentoring UBC Naval Architecture Marine Engineering Students

February 26, 2016
UBC NAME Class with Professor McKesson and Mentor Ron Holland at Ron Holland Design Studio

The University of British Columbia, Navel Architecture and Marine Engineering students with Professor Chris McKesson at Ron…

Tawera Wins

February 1, 2016
Sailing Yacht Tawera races in Millenium Cup New Zealand

A good start to 2016! “Tawera” wins Millennium Cup in New Zealand. The 92 ft…

Ron Holland at Captain Cook staue Hawaii


December 23, 2015

Following Captain Cook, Hawaii 2015     and Captain Vancouver, London 2013    

St Roach at Vancouver Maritime Museum

Northwest Passage

November 20, 2015

Vancouver Maritime Museum exhibits the ‘St Roch’. This ship, successfully crossed the top of Canada,…