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Blast from the Past | Let’s Build her Light but Stiff

October 21, 2020
Hull for "imp" on trailer Plant City FL, USA, the boat also know as the Green Striped Machine due to its race success

The hull on trailer ready for the ‘Space Frame’, to be glassed inside. Remembering Lars…

Blast From the Past | Mid 70’s KIWI 24 Series in Production at KIWI Boats

October 15, 2020
Kiwi Boats company truck and mascot

After winning the Quarter Ton Cup in England in 1973, KIWI Boats Corp. is created…

Kia Aura a red hull 25 foot Coronado along side superyacht Avalon

Visiting SY “Avalon”

August 30, 2020

Saturday sailing and look who we met today, SY “Avalon” was anchored off Royal Vancouver…

George Kiskaddon with a copy of Ron Holland's All The Oceans at his Builders Booksource shop in Berkley CA

George Kiskaddon in “All The Oceans”

August 26, 2020

George Kiskaddon Berkeley, California book store owner displays Ron Holland’s book All The Oceans at his shop Builder’s Booksource. Ron Holland and George Kiskaddon sailed “Spirit” the Kiskaddon family’s yacht across the Pacific with a stop in the Fiji Islands to acquire an essential piece of equipment. Read more in Ron Holland’s memoir All The Oceans