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P3 Afloat and Rigged

August 21, 2014
Perseus^3 afloat and rigged in Tuscany a Perini Navi and Ron Holland Design collaboration

The latest Perini Navi / Ron Holland collaboration the second Perini 60 metre to be…

M5 Afloat

October 14, 2013

Mirabella V, renamed M5 (by her new owners) is afloat and re-rigged following an extensive refit…

Latest Perini Navi / RHD Collaboration Seahawk

May 27, 2013

The latest Perini Navi/Ron Holland Design collaboration Seahawk, is the first of the new 60m…

New Commission 107ft/35m

February 18, 2013

Ron Holland has been commissioned to create exterior styling for a new 107ft/35m motor yacht…