The winners of the 2020 World Superyacht Awards have been revealed. From the newly crowned Motor Yacht of the Year to the prestigious Voyager’s Award

The judges congratulated all the owners and crews of the four outstanding entries to this year’s Voyager’s Award, whose cruises were well beyond the ordinary. As discussions progressed, it became clear that the judges favoured the cruise made by Dorothea III, a 45-metre Cheoy Lee motor yacht designed by Ron Holland, owned by Steven and Dorothea Green and captained by John Crupi.

This 34,965-mile voyage, taking in the North and South Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean, was, the judges felt, particularly notable not only for its huge range but also for acts of philanthropy that raised $28,000 for humanitarian causes on the way. Dorothea III was also accompanied by a Hatteras 63GT sportfishing boat, Post One, which travelled much of the cruise under its own power.

Starting in Fort Lauderdale in January 2018, the two vessels spent their first few months in Central America, fishing, cruising and perfecting their ship-to-ship refuelling, while passing through the Panama Canal to Costa Rica and returning to the Caribbean. From here they travelled on to Bermuda before crossing the North Atlantic to Portugal.

Their onward path took them to the Canary, Cape Verde and Ascension Islands before a South Atlantic crossing to Brazil. Post One was shipped to Panama, while Dorothea III continued south to Chilean Patagonia. Cruising north through the Chilean canals, Dorothea III was reunited with Post One in the Galápagos and the two sailed on through the Marquesas, Tuamotus, Tahiti, Tonga, Fiji and Vanuatu, to finish their cruise in Cairns, Australia. The judges thought this outstanding adventure well worthy of a Neptune.

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