After winning the Quarter Ton Cup in England in 1973, KIWI Boats Corp. is created in Plant City Florida, and starts building a ‘series production’ of the KIWI 24. This is the modified design of Ron Holland’s ‘Eygthene’ the 1973 World Champion design. 

Also during this period Lee Creekmore, in Miami and Bill Lee, in Santa Cruz. were also creating successful  Racing Yachts in similar ‘Low Overhead’ Operations.

The good old days!

Kiwi Boats completed hull on lift
KIWI BOATS:  A finished KIWI 24 ready for her lead keel. (Health and Safety?)
After cooking over an open fire, poor the lead into the Keel Mould. (and stand back till it cools!)
Lead keel cools after form filled with molten metal
Cooling takes 24 hours!Lead Keel Cooling in the Steel Mould
Kiwi Boats production yachts hulls for the Kiwi 24 on trailer
Finished KIWI 24s are going everywhere!