This is a tough one for us to announce but after 8 years of incredible travel and experiences, the Dorothea III is joining Post One up for sale.

If you know us, you know that we have put our heart and soul into this boat. Built by Cheoy Lee as only 1 of 2 in their Transocean Explorer Series, we originally fell in love with her commercial features and solid foundation. Even after we’ve taken her for a few jaunts around the world’s oceans, those features are what have made travels beyond our wildest dreams possible and they still stand today.

Much to the credit of Ron Holland’s design, we have mastered the art of fuel efficiency in ocean crossings at 26gph. Much to the credit of our management, we have mastered the art of a mothership/sportfishing operation that have truly become a unique and extraordinary set of travel partners.

Everyone dreams of a expedition program, but if there’s one thing that we’ve learned over the years it’s that to be successful at venturing further afield, you must have faith in your boat. The Dorothea III has always been capable, reliable, and was built to run.

If you’ve been following the journey, then we need not say more. But we will say that we hope a new owner is fortunate enough to experience the same magic that this boat has brought us.

For all of the details on Dorothea III and Post One, you can visit our updated website.