We are delighted to announce that “All The Oceans”, is a finalist in the 2018 INDIES Awards

All The Oceans, review by Matt Sutherland for Foreword Reviews:
“….. For a sense of the way these yachts are commissioned, designed, and built, sailing enthusiasts can now turn to All The Oceans: Designing by the Seat of My Pants, a memoir by legendary yacht designer Ron Holland. Holland’s New Zealand beginnings were as humble and removed from rarefied circles as imaginable. But through extensive sailing experience in nearly all the top international yachting races and a fearless approach to design, he eventually found himself answering calls to build sailing yachts with budgets in the tens of millions of dollars. Mirabella V, for example, the world’s biggest single-masted, fiberglass composite sloop at 247 feet, with a 297-foot mast (that is almost 90 Metres high), posed such a lengthy list of design challenges as to be “preposterous,” he writes. ….”