After winning the 1973 Quarter Ton Cup in England with “Eygthene“, Gary Carlin and Tad Belknap of Kiwi Boats in Florida started series production of my Quarter Ton design.

At Kiwi Boats in Florida, the modified stern was incorporated into “Business Machine”

Texas Business man Bob Chilton ordered a new boat for the 1976 Quarter Ton Cup in USA. Always experimenting to improve racing performance this new yacht, “Business Machine“, had a radical aluminium ‘space frame’ construction system so as to reduce weight without sacrificing overall strength. This was before carbon fibre or other hi tech materials were available. We also modified the hull shape by extending the length of the stern overhang to increase the yachts sailing length without causing any IOR Rating penalty.

The finished hull showing ‘Space Frame’ ready for the deck to be attached

Business Machine” secured second place in the 1976 Quarter Ton Cup, and in 1977 my Quarter Ton design “Manzanita” won the Quarter Ton Cup.

Sailing Yacht "Business Machine" in the 1976 Quarter Ton Cup
Bob Chilton helming “Business Machine” to second place in the 1976 Quarter Ton Cup