Pam Wall, Cruising Consultant has posted on her blog, what she thinks about Ron Holland’s memoir “All The Oceans”.

Who has been my hero yacht designer most of my life? Ron Holland! How many ocean racing boats, huge sailing mega yachts, and just about everything in between have I seen come from the yacht designer Ron Holland? Today I was down at the docks in Fort Lauderdale, and there was a huge sailboat, and I just knew it was a boat that Ron had designed. And indeed it was!

Her take on Ron Holland’s memoir:

If you want a really great sailing book, a story of a man’s life where being at sea was so important, where the photos in book simply draw you into into Ron’s incredible life, then this is the book for you! This is not a coffee table book. ALL THE OCEANS is a fascinating first person account by a man who began with nothing, and became the leader in the field of boat design.

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