All The Oceans in London

Giovanna Cabbia and Ron Holland at Clyde and Co book launch for All The Oceans
Giovanna is a Consultant with Clyde & Co, and has been an asset to Ron Holland Design for many years sharing her Maritime Law experience. Many thanks to Giovanna for coordinating the book launch at the landmark St Botolph building in Aldgate, London that houses Clyde & Co.


Yacht Designers Ron Holland and Frank Neubelt at the signing for All The Oceans, London UK

German award winning Naval Architect Frank Neubelt attends Clyde & Co. book launch
and extends an invite to do an event in Hamburg!


Author and Yacht Designer Ron Holland with Martin Francis Naval Architect at Clyde & Co launch event for All The Oceans

Ron and Martin Francis at the Clyde & Co. event London June 13th.
Martin is a celebrated Naval Architect and he and Ron have been friends for over 40 years.