Still Strong after all these years.
Eygthene 24 in Poland looking like new!

Eygthene 24

As described in ‘All The Oceans’, 44 years ago Eygthene won the Quarter Ton Cup in Weymouth England.

Many sister yachts are still going strong, and still sailing all these years later.


Sailing a Eygthene 24 this boat is a Ron Holland DesignWe were delighted to hear from Piotr Sosnowski, who told us about his yacht:

I own a yacht Eygthene 24. I bought a yacht two years ago in Antwerpen. I searched the net for information and rudder drawings and found this page with information about the book:

There are 3 Eygthene yachts on the Szczecinek Lagoon. My, Gladius bought in Sweden, and Bluefin II bought in Germany. Gladius was the first – I was sailing on it and I loved it. I found this type in Antwerpen and bought it. I renovated it.
The photo has an old name – the new one is “SOWA II”. SOWA means owl.

Photo credit: Piotr Sosnowski