Hall Spars Refits World’s Largest Boom

Wheeling superyacht M5’s boom into the workshop proves there’s no limit to the highly skilled refit service work and technical skill on hand at Hall Spars & Rigging NZ.

The 75-metre yacht is the largest sloop ever built, and the decision to contract Hall Spars for a full refit on the 28 metre long, two metre wide, seven tonne boom reflects a growing reputation in the market for servicing spars of all sizes. “It’s exciting for the team to have gear of this size in the workshop. Having the experience, facilities, and capacity to work on any spar is key in our philosophy of providing world-class customer service for any client,” says Hall Spars & Rigging NZ’s operations manager, Dave Ridley.

The decision to bring the boom into Hall Spar’s state of the at Silverdale factory was based on several considerations that included minimizing cost, improving efficiency and ensuring a high performance finish.

www.hallspars.com     –   Original article appeared in NZMarine