Sailing yacht, “Seahawk” racing in the St Barths Bucket 2014, was just the warm up.
Reporting from his Master Yacht Engineering teaching assignment at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, Ron reports that he is looking forward to participating once again in the St. Barths Bucket commencing March 20th through 22nd.

Ron will be supporting his Client’s and their designs during the racing. This year there are 5 Perini/Holland designs competing in the Bucket. A total of 7 Ron Holland designs racing in this years fleet.


Parsifal III  54M  Perini Navi
Rosehearty  56M  Perini Navi
Seahawk  60M  Perini Navi
State of Grace    40M  Perini Navi
Thalia  49M  Vitters
Wavelength  27M  Pendennis
Zenji  56M  Perini Navi