Successful Sailing Trials for M5 off Cornwall Coast in January

I joined M5 in Falmouth this January for successful Sail Trials off the Cornwall coast. After weeks of watching weather reports, conditions on Friday January 17, gave us the greatest opportunity to put M5 through her paces. I wanted to see this luxury yacht perform as I had envisioned when I designed her. The extensive Refit Program increased her overall length, and related deck spaces, replaced her original conventional steel rod rigging with lighter carbon textile rigging, a new keel, and rudder updates. These developments are aimed at improved sailing performance, they take advantage of the latest materials not available during her original construction.

Wind speeds of 18kts to 23kts gave the opportunity to put the ‘new M5‘ (ex Mirabella V) through sailing trials in the North Atlantic. I was delighted that she performed up to my most optimistic performance predictions.

Ron Holland and Mike Carr on M5 for Sailing Trials off Cornwall Coast in January

Besides the completely new interior styling by RWD, interior designers based in the UK, other significant developments included updated engines and generators.

During the Sailing Trials the M5 crew and Pendennis team put this giant sloop through her paces in a variety of wind conditions, for a very successful result.

Ron Holland and Mike Carr on board M5 Sail overhead

Ron Holland and Mike Carr, joint managing director of Pendennis Shipyards on deck of the M5 during Sailing Trials.

M5 anchored on Cornwall Coast ready for Sailing Trials

M5 ready for Sailing Trials